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Course Structure

Physics Group

Old Syllabus (New Syllabus is to be finalized)

Class XI                                                                                                 Class XII
English                                                                                                    English
Physics                                                                                                   Physics
Chemistry                                                                                               Chemistry
Mathematics                                                                                          Mathematics
Biology                                                                                                    Nepali

Biology Group

Class XI                                                                                                   Class XII
English                                                                                                     English
Physics                                                                                                    Physics
Chemistry                                                                                                Chemistry
Mathematics                                                                                           Biology
Biology                                                                                                     Nepali
                                                                                                                   Extra Math

Eligibility Criteria

  • i. Admission to Plus Two at St. Xavier’s College is purely merit based.

  • ii. Candidates who have secured minimum ‘A’ in Science,Compulsory Mathematics, Optional Mathematics, English & ‘B+’ in all other subjects are
    preferred for selection.
  • iii. Entrance Examination consisting of 100 MCQs will test your competence in Science, Mathematics, English and logic.
  • iv. The shortlisted students will have to pass an interview by a panel of three experts before being finally selected to study at SXC.

Faculty Members


Mr. Gehendra Bahadur Chand - Dean
Coordinator of Plus Two
Department of English
Mr. Shishir Kumar Bhusal - HoD
Head of Department
Mrs. Merina Manandhar
Mrs. Khusbhu K.C.
Mr. Lal Mani Joshi
Mr. Satya Narayan Sardar
Mr. Jileshan Shah
Department of Physics
Mr. Drabindra Pandit
Head of Department
Mr. Hari Kishor Sah
Mr. Gopal Jha
Mr. Ram Sundar Matang
Mr. Birendra Pant
Mr. Yagya Bahadur Phuyal
Mr. Ajay Kumar Karn
Mr. Kedar Acharya
Mr. Uttam Aryal
Mr. Sushil Kumar K.C.
Department of Chemistry
Mrs. Karuna Shrestha
Head of Department
Mr. Nirmal Krishna Shrestha
Mrs. Sunanda Shrestha
Mrs. Neeva Rajbhandari
Mr. Khem Raj Bhatta
Mr. Saroj Yadav
Mr. Ram Darash Pandey
Mr. Sanjit Kumar Sah
Mr. Dilip Ghimire
Ms. Susila Thapa
Mr. Shree Krishna Dhakal
Mr. Prabesh Ghimire
Department of Biology
Mrs. Nabina Dangol
Head of Department
Mr. Gehendra Bahadur Chand
Coordinator of Plus Two
Mrs. Saluja Chand
Coordinator of Counselling and Student Well-being
Mr. Arbind Jha
Mr. Jyoti Chandra Bhandari
Mr. Bikash Prajapati
Mrs. Pritima Tiwari
Mr. Brajesh Shrestha
Mrs. Jenish Rajya Laxmi Rana
Mrs. Yamini Bhatta Pant
Mrs. Priti Sharma Bhandari
Mr. Sunil Kumar Maharjan
Department of Math
Mr. Ram Babu Yadav
Head of Department
Mr. Rakesh Kumar Jha
Mr. Amresh Man Singh
Mr. Dipak Pandey
Department of Nepali
Mr. Khem Prasai
Mr. Devendra Poudel
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