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Our main motive is to ….

Enable students to be the entrepreneurs in the field they have selected.

We see the graduates from our department as….

Since 2002 A.D., the department of management is the part of St. Xavier’s college with the aim of producing the business graduates according to market need. In this changing scenario, the department is introducing the need based teaching pedagogy for the scholars so that they could fit in the existing context.  The department is introducing different types of teaching learning pedagogy like Lectures, multimedia, presentation etc.., to enhance students’ capabilities. Based on the SWOT analysis, the department has found the methodologies which have been useful to address such challenges.

Our concern is not only about strengthening the academic part but also to create the sense of responsibility and dependability in scholars. The disciplinary rules are taken under high consideration with the motive of creating the sense of responsibility and accountability in the students.

On the other hand, our department has also been focusing on providing free academic environment, wherein both students and lecturers come together to put on their effort in order to enhance the knowledge and skills of the students.

The Department of Management ensures that students are provided with possible input required to upgrade their technical and interpersonal skills through different teaching methodologies. We focus on bringing the students in the best position to bring their dreams into reality.

Mr. Maha Prasad Shrestha

HoD Speaks

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to our Department of Management website, a guide and information about the continuous efforts and gaining for the aspiring candidates. My 18 years in St. Xavier’s College working in the department provided grand opportunity to know the enthusiasts for their academic goal.

We, St. Xavier’s family members, think assuring you to enhance the goal of management students is only possible with a team of dedicated and experienced administrative and academic staff. Our staff are always on hand to ensure that the welfare and academic aspirations of our student community are adequately addressed.

We strongly believe that our enthusiastic faculties are the keys to equipping our business students with the freshest insights into management theory and practice, and the business leaders of the future must be globally competitive and hold more holistic views of business and leadership. St. Xavier’s college is not grade oriented but we focus on the learning process and preparing them for life. We, St. Xavier’s faculty members, are leaders, as teachers, mentors and scholars and are fully committed to provide the required knowledge and education for your future career.

The Department of Management has the following parameters.

  1. Students are behaved as partners, not customers.
  2. Our priority is continuous improvement in education.
  3. Education is a life-long investment and must be easily accessible.

The St. Xavier’s Department of Management offers the program leading to Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS), and Master of Business Studies (MBS) Semester System affiliated to Tribhuvan University, Nepal.

We assure you that we shall leave no stone to equip our business students into competent managers for any sector of organized activity and to enable them as competent managers and to meet the demand of higher level managers in organizations, particularly in the functional areas of management.

 I trust that as you go through the pages on this website, you will gain some useful information about our educational programs and other activities that will inspire you to join with us.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further guidance and support as you browse through the website for courses that would suit your personal aspirations.

On behalf of the Management Department, I wish you the very best in your educational, personal and professional development. 

Maha Prasad Shrestha

Head of Department

 Department of Management


Phone: 977- 9851094294

Date: September 11, 2020


The department currently has two programmes viz Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) and Masters of Business Studies (MBS).

  1. Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS – 4 years)
  2. Master of Business Studies (MBS 4 semesters–2 years)

  1. Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS)

Course Cycle

Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) Year System

First Year: Full Marks =                                                    500

MGT 201: Business English                                             100

MGT 202: Business Statistics                                         100

MGT 207 : Microeconomics for Business                     100

MGT 211 : Financial Accounting and Analysis             100

MGT 213: Principles of Management                            100

Second Year: Full Marks =                                               500

MGT 205: Business Communication                             100

MGT 209: Macroeconomics for Business                     100

MGT 212: Cost and Management Accounting             100

MGT 223: Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management               100

MGT 215: Fundamentals of Financial Management                                              100

Third Year: Full Marks =                                                          500

MGT 204: Business Law                                                         100

MGT 226 : Foundation of Financial Systems                      100

MGT 217: Business Environment and Strategy                  100

MGT 224 : Taxation in Nepal                                                  100

MGT 214: Fundamentals of Marketing                                 100

Fourth Year: Full Marks =                                                                                             500 

MGT 220: Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development                                     100

MGT 221: Business Research Methods                                                                     50

MGT 401: Final Project                                                                                                  50

Concentration Area (Students can choose any one concentration area)     

Accounting                                                                                   (3×100=300)

ACC 250: Accounting for Banking

ACC 251: Accounting for Business

ACC 252: Advanced Financial Accounting

ACC 253: Advance Auditing

ACC 254: Budgeting and Controlling of Profit

Finance                                                                                           (3×100=300)

FIN 250: Fundamentals of Corporate Finance

FIN 251: Commercial Bank Management

FIN 252: Foundations of Financial Institutions and Markets

FIN 253: Fundamentals of Investment

FIN 254: Insurance and Risk Management

Marketing                                                                                        (3×100=300)

MKT 250: Fundamentals of Selling

MKT 251: Customer Relationship Management

MKT 252: Foreign Trade and Export Management in Nepal

MKT 253: Fundamentals of Advertising

MKT 254: Fundamentals of Services Marketing

Management                                                                                   (3×100=300)

MGT 250: Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

MGT 251: International Business

MGT 252: Management of Industrial Relations

MGT 253: Productivity Management

MGT 254: Quality Management

Master of Business Studies (MBS)

Course Cycle

FIRST SEMESTER                                                 15 Credit Hours

MKT 511 Marketing Management                             3 Cr.

ECO 512 Managerial Economics                                 3 Cr.

MSC 514 Statistical Methods                                      3 Cr.

MGT 515 Organizational Behavior                              3 Cr.

MGT 519 Managerial Communication                       3 Cr.

SECOND SEMESTER                                                                              15 Credit Hours

FIN 510 Financial Management                                                            3 Cr.

MGT 513 Human Resource Management                                           3 Cr.

MSC 517 Production and Operations Management                          3 Cr.

ACC 517 Management Accountancy                                                    3 Cr.

MGT 518 Business Environment                                                           3 Cr.

THIRD SEMESTER                                                                                                  15 Credit Hours

ACC 519 Accounting for Financial and Managerial Decision and Control   3 Cr.

MSC 521 Research Methodology                                                                        3 Cr.

MGT 522 International Business                                                                         3 Cr.

MGT 524 Entrepreneurship                                                                                   3 Cr.

Specialization Course (Any One from Group A)


FIN 687 Financial Derivatives and Market                                                          3 Cr.

FIN 688 Corporate Finance                                                                                    3 Cr.


ACC 685 Corporate Taxation                                                                                 3 Cr.

ACC 686 Cost Management                                                                                  3 Cr.


MGT 687 Recent Trends in Management                                                          3 Cr.

MGT 688 Organizational Theory                                                                         3 Cr.


MKT 691 Advertising and Promotion Management                                        3 Cr

MKT 692 Rural Marketing                                                                                    3 Cr.

FOURTH SEMESTER;                                                                              15 Credit Hours

MGT 523 Strategic Management                                                         3 Cr.

Specialization Courses (Any Two from Group B)

FIN 685 Financial Markets and Institutions                                      3 Cr.

FIN 686 International Financial Management                                  3 Cr.

FIN 689 Investment Management                                                      3 Cr.

FIN 690 Insurance: Theory and Practice                                           3 Cr.

FIN 691 Commercial Bank Management: Theory and Practice    3 Cr.


MKT 685 Consumer Behavior                                                            3 Cr.

MKT 686 International Marketing                                                     3 Cr.

MKT 687 Brand Management                                                            3 Cr.

MKT 688 Sales Management                                                             3 Cr.

MKT 689 Retail Management                                                            3 Cr.

MKT 690 Services Marketing                                                             3 Cr.


ACC 687 Contemporary Auditing                                                       3 Cr.

ACC 688 Accounting Theory and Financial Reporting                   3 Cr.

ACC 689 Management Control Systems                                          3 Cr.

ACC 690 Balance Scorecard: A Tool for Performance Measurement 3 Cr.


MGT 685 Organizational Development and Change                      3 Cr.

MGT 686 Quality Management                                                          3 Cr.

MGT 689 Performance Management                                               3 Cr.

MGT 690 Leadership and Communication                                     3 Cr.

MGT 525 Dissertation                                                                        6 Cr


The admission procedure begins as per the admission notice announced by the Tribhuvan University for both of the departments. The date can be confirmed accordingly.


Number of Seats: 50

Course duration: Four Years

Class Timing: Morning Shift – 6:15 am to 9:15 am

Eligibility Conditions for Admission

The candidate applying for admission to the BBS programme:

1. Must have successfully completed the 10+2 in business/ commerce or an equivalent course from a

Higher Secondary School Board or from Tribhuvan University or from other University/ Board recognized by T.U

2. Must satisfy any other entry requirements or criteria as prescribed by the Faculty Board or the campus.


Number of Seats: 50

Course Duration: Two years (Four Semester)

Class Time: Morning Shift: 6:15am to 9:15am

Eligibility Conditions for Admission

The students applying for admission to MBS course must have successfully completed the BBS programme or a bachelor degree on any discipline from Tribhuvan University or from any other University recognized by Tribhuvan University.

Admission Procedure

Students applying for the MBS program must fill in the application with all details of their personal information and past academic records. The selection of students shall be based on CMAT. The test shall be based on the GMAT and GRE format. The admission test shall be concentrated on testing verbal ability quantitative ability, business and economics and general awareness. There shall be altogether hundred (100) questions in the CMAT containing 25 questions in each section. Students must secure a minimum of 40 percent in the CMAT in order to qualify for the admission.


In every academic year from each level, students are given scholarship based on the criteria formed by the college.


  1. Socio Economic need
  2. Academic


The department has been conducting different extracurricular activities to enhance the managerial and leadership skills. Every year each department is taken to the field visit for some practical learning. This is a path of the academic activities. The students can be taken for educational tour within and out of the country.

The following major programmes conducted by the department so far are:

  1. Academic Activities:

Guest Lecturer, Seminars and Talk Programme:

The department believes that the seminar is the way of understanding new knowledge. That is why, it has been conducting different seminars, talk programme and guest lectures from the delighted personalities working in business and management sector in current issues of the business and management discipline. Following are some of the major academic activities conducted by the department during the recent academic year:

Report Writing, Group Discussion and Presentation:

To enhance the academic and communicative skills of the students, the department has been conducting writing, discussion and presentation programmes after their field visit and such kind of other extra curriculum activities. In which, the students have given responsibilities to prepare the report and present it. In addition, Students are asked to participate in group discussion on relevant business management issues so that they can exchange their ideas and views to solve current business problems faced by the market. Also they are asked to present conclusion drawn from the group discussion so that the leadership, communication and presentation skill will be enhanced among the students. Following are the list of such activities conducted by the college so far:

  • Club Activities:

ABHIYAAN club is a student driven management club of BBS/MBS department which was launched in 2016 under the moderation of Ms. Shilpika Thapaliya. The objective of club is to provide opportunities for students to develop leadership qualities and sense of responsibility necessary to be contributing members of society, by developing their skills and competence for business careers, to build self–esteem, to experience leadership and to practice community service. For this the club has taken the responsibility to conduct different events and activities throughout the academic year. The list of events mentioned below has been able to provide our students a platform to extend classroom experiences into the academic and social life of the campus.

TALENT SHOW: Talent show gives the students a platform to flaunt their hidden forte. Be it wonderful or weird, funny or heart touching, you can always explore yourself to the depth. The talent show was organized during the Zest Fest.

ABHIYAN WELFARE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM: “Give, even if you have a little – The Buddha”

A social initiative taken by the ‘Abhiyan Club’ representing the MBS & BBS faculty with an aim to touch the lives of destitute children, ABHIYAN SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM braces the education of those children through the funds raised.

MOTIVATIONAL SPEECH DELIVERY PROGRAM: Aspiring to bring about a positive change in the lives of juveniles, this MOTIVATIONAL SPEECH PROGRAM 

intends to fill the young hearts with uncondensed optimism, contentment and enthusiasm through a pre-eminent personality. 

ZEST-FEST: As the name suggests, ZEST-FEST is program with a great deal of excitement and piquancy involved in it.  A solely management focused event of three days to the least , ZEST-FEST is mainly driven towards enriching the learning experience as well as boosting their confidence to conquer the world with their tact and wittiness. Bagging the certificates and medals is always a plus point!

The list of events that takes place is:

  • Case Study: The Students must be very much vigilant on the cases served to them in competition. All those hawk-eyed warriors should be ready to set their foot in this event!
  • Bizz Quiz: With a set of questions from around the globe to be asked in different rounds…students are expected to be whip smart and tough as nails! So if they are of a kind who gets a phone number rooted in their mind in just one read get on it with no second thoughts!
  • Critical Thinking: An event that builds up pressure within the participants only to bring out the best in them….Critical thinking only intends to make the combatant ready for his real life battle field! With no dubiety, this would be one of the best experiences for a challenger.
  • Mad-Ad: Be a Mad Hatter for their victory in this game! An event in which the participants must bring out their craziest of ideas to make an advertisement of a short span and act it out!! So if they have that rage to sell a product should be ready to be a Mad Hatter! 
  •  Tic Tac Toe: A refreshing game that is played with a hoolahoops or more clearly the human form of our favorite childhood game “aalu cross” is one of the fun filled games of the ZEST-FEST!
  • Treasure Hunt: A game where a group of players who try to find hidden objects or places by following a series of clues. If they are the person who wonder around in the college nooks and corners then brace themselves for the game! A bit of intelligence and a bit of curiosity is a perfect mixture for this hush-hush game!

MAGAZINE PUBLICATION: Unfolding the creative thoughts and ideas through the Abhiyan Magazine has always been one of the mottos of the club. Embracing the opinions of the future leaders on the current business affairs and entrepreneurial activities is the main gist of this annual publication.

  • Extra Activities conducted:

  • 14th – 17th April, 2016: BBS – 2nd Year- Social Camp at Lamanagi School, Charikot and Kalinchowk, Earthquake recovery program.
    • Total no. of student 71.
    • Moderators:- Ms. Angeela Pradhan, Mr. Shiva Raj Poudel, Mr. Ruchin Singh and Ms. Shilpika Thapaliya.
  • 10th August, 2016: Cyber security awareness programme by Chirinjibi Adhikari
  • 21st October, 2016: Social service camp: Chitlang, for MBS – I.
  • 25th October, 2016: Presentation on Marketing issues and introduction of ABHIYAN CLUB in the presence of President of Chalatra Board Mr. Raj Kumar Rai and Senior Actor, Mr. Bhuvan K.C.
  • 14th December, 2016: A Talent Show programme, organized by Abhiyan Club.
  • 18th – 20th December, 2016:  Social Service Camp Chitlang, Earthquake recovery program BBS III year, Moderator Mr. Shailendra Simkhada, Mr. Satya Narayan Sardar and Mr Top Lal Panthi school Swachhand Bhairab Uccha Ma. Vi. Chitalng
  • 5th February, 2017: Welcome programme with talent show Mr. and Miss. Fresher.
  • 13th March 2017: Awareness speech conducted by Ms Anupama Gurung regarding Mental Health and youth motivation.
  • 5th May to 10th May 2017: Educational tour of BBS 2nd year students to Sikkim, Darzalling and eastern Nepal with the faculties Ms. Anjeela Pradhan, Mr. Shiva Raj Poudel and Ms. Shilpika Thapaliya.
  • 9th – 10th June, 2017 MBS Second Year: Industrial Tour to Bhaktapur Industrial State and Srikrishna Dairy Uddhyog, Pachkhhal, Kavre with the following faculties Mr. Satya Narayan Sardar , Top Lal Panthi, Prakash Sapkota, Kapil Shrestha and Prem Bahadur Mahat.
  • SPSS & Writing Skills in Thesis for MBS II from July 16th to July 24th 2017. SPSS training by Posh Raj Khanal and Purna Gharti Magar. Motivation, Challenges and success facters in Entrepreneurs by Dr. Madan Manandhar. Content and techniques In Thesis by Dr. Urmila Shrestha and Language of thesis writing by Satya Narayan Sardar.


SN Name of the Faculty Members Area of Concentration
1 Aaditya Bhattarai Principles of Management
2 Anjeela Pradhan Economics
3 Chandani Giri Admin
4 Dr. Mani Raj Singh Rajbhandari Strategic Management
5 Dr. Urmila Shrestha Management and Marketing
6 Jaya Prasad Poudel Law
7 Labaram Ghimire Accountancy
8 Maha Prasad Shrestha Statistics
9 Mandira Bajracharya OB & HRM
10 Mukunda Raj Bhandari Economics
11 Pooja Amatya Marketing
12 Prabesh Ghimire Finance
13 Puja Gautam Entrepreneurship
14 Pushpa Lal shrestha Statistics
15 Prakash Sapkota Finance
16 Ramesh Kafle Accountancy
17 Ruchin Singh Marketing
18 Sajjan Poudel  
19 Satya Narayan Sardar English
20 Suman R. Poudel Marketing
21 Top Lal Panthi Strategic Management
22 Yagya Prasad Bhattarai Research


The department has been publishing Abhiyan as its departmental magazine annually.


Add some Photos

6. Gallery

Feb 2, 2018

  1. SXC – Zest Fest – 2017 National Level Business Competition organized by Management Department December 22nd  & 23rd , 2017
  2. Dr. Surendra Bhandari Guest class BBS III ( Batch 2015)
  3.  “ Empowering the Youth” January 29th ,  2018  for BBS I, II, III  BA , BIM and MBS II year students, organized by BBS  fourth  students

Watrin Hall Time: 7:30 to 9:00 am (Speaker Rabindra Mishra)

  •  T. U. Result of BBS II year Batch 2015 Total  in January 29th , 2018
  • Korean professors Guests classes January 31, February 1, 4 and 5, 2018

BBS II Marketing and BBS III finance

  • Report on Industrial visit  at Kepy Cement Factory, Dhading

        On 12th  & 13th January, 2018 MBS II year  (2016 Batch), at Dawanne, Dhading


  1. Prakash Sapkota
  2. Kapil Shrestha 

  • Admissions Open in our BIM/B.Sc.CSIT/B.Sc. Physics/B.Sc. Microbiology/BBS/BA Programs. >>>>> Students need to fill in the Online Applications Forms of the college and make online payment.
  • Welcome to St. Xavier's College, Maitighar, Kathmandu