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What is MAGIS?

What is MAGIS?
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Good, better, best

Never let it rest

Until your good is better

And the better is the best. (Attributed to St. Jerome)

MAGIS SXC is a movement of the students and staff at St. Xavier’s College. It is not a club; it is a Way of Life. MAGIS SXC was established in 2016.

MOTTO: Be More. Do More

MISSION: To foster LIFEGIVING values in the everyday lives of the students, teachers, office staff and co-workers.

METHOD: Focused practice of the values of St. Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Society of Jesus with the underlying principle that “Love is best shown in deeds rather than words.”

ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: Principal – Vice Principal – Jesuit Animator – Activity Coordinator – Staff Animator – Igniters (Members) –    Focal Team

Who is MAGIS SXC designed for?

MAGIS SXC is designed for all the students and staff of our college who wish for real and deep connection with God and one another through Ignatian spirituality.

What is the meaning of the word MAGIS?

“Magis” is a Latin term which means “more”, “the most”, “the greatest”, “the best”. MAGIS SXC is designed for those who desire to develop constantly, not to be content with the present but always striving to better their best.

What do we do at MAGIS SXC?

Every member of MAGIS SXC must participate in MAGIS EXPERIMENTS. MAGIS Experiments are proposals of several forms of activity, which are designed to allow member to experience something totally new. These experiments are geared to help the members to find love in all things, persons, situations and work.

Pilgrimage Experiment

It takes the form of a hike or a ride by bikes or motorbikes. Modeled on the life experiences of Ignatius, this experiment invites the members to view their life on this earth as a pilgrimage. They learn to take care of one another, learn to face the challenges a day on the road brings, above all they learn to trust in the providence of the divine. Of course, the natural beauty of the places they visit is a perk. Being closer to nature will give every member an opportunity to delight in the beauty of God’s creation and to learn to contemplate His presence in all living things.

Spirituality Experiment

This experiment involves spending some time every day in silence to a) count the gifts of the day 2) to acknowledge them and 3) look forward to a better tomorrow. This experiment also involves spending a day in silence in a place far away from the hustles and bustles of life, and discovering the depth of one’s life and its meaning.

Service Experiment

This category is all about helping others by volunteering for various activities in the college visiting old age homes, orphanages, or other forms of community services.

And helping others also entails helping the natural environment. It involves programs that promote the go green efforts, planting of trees, cleaning campaigns and reduce, reuse and recycle campaigns.

Society and Culture Experiment

This category will give the members an opportunity to meet other religious, cultural and social groups. They will get to know people from different backgrounds and learn about the local traditions and cultures in different parts of Nepal.

Artistic Experiment

This category comprises performing dramas, painting, architecture, graphics, folk art, icon painting, acting, singing and art fete. These activities explores the creativity of the members and give the members a platform to showcase their sometimes hidden talents. Many surprise themselves.


Introduction of MAGIS SXC: The Jesuit Animator, Fr. Jomon Jose, S.J. introduced the movement at all the conferences of the various departments of the College. Ms. Pritha Dahal and Ms. Sushma Neupane were appointed as the Staff Animators.

First Magis Rendezvous in LCR: Around 90 students from various departments gathered at LCR for a short introduction and sharing about the upcoming activities.

International Youth day Celebrations: Magis members along with the students from St. Mary’s School, organized and volunteered at a flash mob at the Jawalakhel Square on the occasion of the International Youth Day.

Spirituality Experiment: Over hundred members of the movement travelled together to the Jesuit Ashram at Godavari for a day of Spirituality Experiment.

Magis T- Shirts: Magis T-shirts, with a caption Be More and Do More were made available to all the members and others in the college.

Magis Pilgrimage for Igniters of Masters and Bachelors: Around forty Magis members from the Bachelor and Masters level classes travelled to Lubhu by bus, and then hiked up to Lakhure Bhanjyang where they shared snacks and life stories. The entire team hiked back through the Pulchowki trail down to Godawari from where they boarded the bus to return to college.

A month later, the same pilgrimage route was undertaken by thirty five members of Classes 11, 12 and A Levels.

Social Work experiment for the Igniters of Class 11, 12 and A Levels: Thirty Magis SXC Members from Class 11, 12 and A Level journeyed to Mitrapark and spent a day with the inmates at Shanti Bhawan, a home for the aged and invalid administered by the Mother Teresa sisters. The members helped in washing linen and drying them, cleaning the floor, doing make up to the grandmothers, in feeding them and also put up an impromptu entertainment program which also involved sharing with everyone a token of love bought by the students themselves.

Graduation Day Volunteers: On the Graduation Day of the Plus Two Batch of 2014-16, the Magis members formed a Guard of Welcome from the entrance of the College till the steps of Watrin Hall. They were all dressed in the various traditional costumes of the country.

Dasain-Tihar Celebrations: All the members, numbering around 150, gathered at Watrin Hall to celebrate the biggest festival in the country. Various interactive games were organized and every member was blessed by the Jesuit Animator with a tika on the forehead.

Social Service Experiment 2: Around forty members belonging to all the departments journeyed to Siddhipur, Lalitpur and spent an entire day helping to rebuild Sri Bhanubakta Memorial Higher Secondary School, a government school which was badly in need of a compound wall and a path outside the wall for the villagers to pass by. The students, after a day’s hard work which involved digging the foundation for the wall, painting the screens and gates, and cutting a path through the thorny bushes and rocky inclines also shared a sumptuous lunch with the staff of the school.

MAGIS Badges : Magis badges were made and distributed to all the members.

Christmas Play and Celebrations: The members actively participated in organizing the Christmas Celebrations 2016. It involved participating in and organizing a play titled, The Fourth Wiseman, and volunteering in the distribution of snacks after every performance. There were six performances on the same day.

Magis pilgrimage to Namo Buddha: 20 Igniters from Bachelors of Magis SXC ,Fr. Vijay Toppo, S.J., the Vice-principal, the Jesuit Animator of MAGIS SXC and the staff animator Sushma Neupane undertook a motorcycle ride in the cold rain through slushy roads to Namo Buddha.

Magis SXC art fete during the Udaan Cultural Festival: Magis SXC organized an art fete on during the cultural festival conducted by the Abhiyaan club. The fete saw close to 100 enthusiastic participants. Awards and certificates were distributed.

Magis year-end gathering and farewell ceremony for the outgoing members: This was the last event of the academic year 2016-17 when all the outgoing igniters were thanked and felicitated for being a part of MAGIS SXC.

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