College Motto

“Dedicated to Excellence, Leadership and Service”

Dedication means untiring and persistent efforts in the total formation of each student as an individual personally loved by God. It implies that education is a preparation for life and is a life-long process. Therefore the success of Jesuit education is measured not in terms of academic performance of students or professional competence of teachers, but rather in terms of the quality of life that is lived with a spiritual vision of the world in face of materialism, a concern for others in the face of egoism, simplicity in the face of consumerism and for the cause of the poor in the face of social injustice.

Excellence: At St. Xavier’s the criterion of excellence is applied to all areas of life, and not just to academics. We believe that the pursuit of academic excellence is appropriate only within the larger context of human excellence. That is why at St. Xavier’s our focus is on the person rather than on the syllabus to be covered.

Excellence in St. Xavier’s College goes beyond good grades to the intellectual formation of a student which includes mastery of basic humanistic and scientific disciplines through careful and sustained study that is based on competent and well-motivated teaching. This intellectual formation includes a growing ability to reason reflectively, logically, and critically.

Leadership: We believe that everyone is a leader when he or she is and does the best in any field that he or she is in. Here at St. Xavier’s we help students to develop the qualities of mind and heart that will enable them to be leaders, in whatever station they assume in life, to work with others for the good of all in the creation of a just world. This is why here at St. Xavier’s all the students of all the streams are given opportunities for their development of communication skills and eloquence, achieved through an emphasis on essays, drama, speeches, debates, sports, athletics and other academic related activities.

As leaders, the students are enabled to understand and critically evaluate the influence of mass media and do a careful and critical study of technology. We believe that through proper education, these instruments of modern life can help men and women to become more, rather than less, human.

Our emphasis on creating leaders means that we believe that an inquiry in which a value system is acquired through a process of wrestling with competing points of view is legitimate. This awareness includes a realization that persons and structures can change, together with a commitment to work for those changes in a way that will help to build more just human structures.

Service: At St. Xavier’s, we are also concerned with the ways in which students will make use of their formation within the human community, in the service of others. Since the truly human is found only in relationships with others that include attitudes of respect, love, and service, the education at St. Xavier’s stresses and assists in developing the role of each individual as a member of the human community.  Students, teachers, and all members of the educational community are encouraged to build a solidarity with others that transcends race, culture or religion so that all can live and work together in understanding and love, with respect for all men and women as children of God.

We believe that in order to become persons for others, a formation in values and attitudes is a must.  Hence at St. Xavier’s, we make sure that education takes place in a moral context where knowledge is joined to virtue. Pupils are encouraged to develop a value system acquired through a process of wrestling with competing points of view.

We believe that the decisive action called for today is one of building human communities of respect and tolerance for one another and our planet. We provide students with opportunities for contact with the world of injustice, with the poor and for service to them, both in the school and in outside service projects.

We believe that talents are gifts to be developed, not for self-satisfaction or self-gain, but rather, with the help of God, for the good of the human community.

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