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Department of Social Work

St-Xavier’s College is a pioneer of Social Work in Nepal. St. Xavier’s college academically initiated the education of Social Work for the first time in the history of Nepal. The curriculum of Social Work has been designed in such a way that the students are provided the broader area of knowledge related to human nature and society provided that courses regarding administration are not ignored. The curriculum of Social Work includes field work under which each and every student are sent to a particular organization working with the existing social problems of Nepal where they get an opportunity to practice Social Work in the real field. Our students are going to 60 different agencies for their field work practice.
The activities of Social Work Department (2013/2014) are briefed below:

Social Work Annual Camps:
Like every year, the students of Bachelors in Social Work and Masters in SocialWork of St. Xavier’s college went for their social work camp (rural and urban). This academic camp attempts to provide an exposure to the students of social work by visiting different places of our country wherethey can utilize their opportunity to realize the needs of people of urban and rural lifestyle in an experimental way. This year the students of different levels went to Godawari, Palpa, Jhapa and Kapilvastu for their camps.

Seminars on:
• Spirituality and Social Work
• Human Rights and Social Work
• Correctional Setting and Social Work
• Road Traffic and Role of Social Worker
• Environment and Role of Social Worker
• Clinical Social Work
• Seminar on Child Rights

Partnership In Education (PIE)
St. Xavier’s college has been running a program called PARTNERSHIP IN EDUCATION (PIE) with an objective to assist the children frommarginalized and vulnerable slum community and children of other needy peoples. PIE has been providing its service on education and extra-curricular activities for more than 300 children everyday, from 6:15AM- 7:45AM.

Project EDU-CARE:
St. Xavier’s College, in cooperation with the Italian NGO AiBi (Amici dei Bambini), the Social Work Institute (SWI) and the Central Child Welfare Board (CCWB), aims to build the capacity and strengthening the profession of the Social Worker. Within the framework of the project ‘EDU-CARE: Social operators active in the protection of the childhood and in the promotion of the children’s rights’, two different but complementary specialization courses will be activated by the St. Xavier’s College and the Social Work Institute (SWI), which are intended to training-service social workers, operators and fresh graduates in the field of child rights and child protection, and equipping them with professional skills and competencies.



“This Winter Let’s Share Warmth Together”


Winter Warmth is a fund-raising event which was initiated by the students of BSW department in 2015 and has been given continuity since the past two years. As the program was started with very good intention of helping the children in street with jackets to help those helpless babies of streets, the program was effective and the goals were achieved with few smiles from those beautiful children on streets as interests of our work.  As students of social work and more than that human beings, it’s our responsibility to help our fellow human beings going through bad times in their respective lives. And that’s why Winter Warmth was started because a group of students were ready to invest what they had to spread warmth and wordsof peace in the society and with the motivation and supervision of our respected Sister Stella, Fathers, teachers and fellow Social Work students, we were able to affect several lives and bring smiles on their faces.

During the very first year, charity shows and musical events were done and hence the money collected was utilized in buying warm clothes and then those were distributed directly to the childrenon streets. A total of 140 street children were our direct beneficiaries.

During the second volume of winter warmth, donations were collected from fund-raisers conducted at different partsof city inside several malls and restaurants. Kantipur Foundation, Mega Bank and Colors Mobile also became the co-sponsors for the event this time and we were able to collect almost two hundred thousand rupees and hence distributedjackets to 250 street children living on streets of Kathmandu. Not only this, Winter Warmth Committee in collaboration with Youth Of Shangri-La , a youth led organization working for youth mobilization, distributed jackets to 120
children from Chepang Community in rural area Manahari, Hetauda.

The third volume of winter warmth isstarted from 19th November 2017 where an opening ceremony was held to mark the third consecutive Winter Warmth celebration and the opening was formal and there was organized several fund  raising programs  in different places and in different modules so as to collect as much funds aspossible in order to  achieve the target that we had set for this year to be achieved.

We had tried to make this volume a bit different from it was in the previous years. Ideas were taken from the core committee and we hence reached to the conclusion for the below mentioned programs to be entertained as part of “Winter Warmth 3.0”

Opening Ceremony

  1. Formal Opening of Winter Warmth 3.0 was held where the brief description of the tentative plans for winter warmth were discussed. The event was formally inaugurated by Rev. Fr. Jiju Varghese and he also provided words of motivation to the students to help make the event a huge success.
    Date: 19th November 2017
    Time: 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm
    Venue: Watrin Hall, St. Xavier’s College

Movie Screening

  1. This was our new add-up to Winter Warmth where we successfully screened a mobie “Searching For Rainbow” in three different shifts and the presence from a huge number of people was additional  motivation to the organizing committee.
    Event Date: 28th November, Tuesday
    Venue: Watrin Hall, St. Xavier’s College

Crowd Funding

Carried out on several places consisting the below mentioned activities:
-Game stalls
-Photo Booth
-Musical Performance
-Thrift Shop
-Panipuri, Chatpate and Tea selling
 Event Venue & Date:
  -Bouddha : 21st November 2017
  -City Centre: 22nd November 2017

Charity Dinner:

  1. Charity Dinner was another interesting fund raising event held by winter warmth committee where we were able to gather people from different backgrounds and the reason was charity. The venue of our dinner was Odaan Restaurant and Lounge, Chakrapath.
    Date: 24th November 2017, Friday


The distribution phase of the Winter Warmth 3.0 was held in three different districts i.e. Pokhara, Birgunj and Kathmandu. After concluding all the fund-raising events, the winter warmth committee was all set to start the distribution of winter warmth materials.

Pokhara Distribution

  1. The winter warmth committee collaborated with Three Angels Nepal, an organization primarily working for human trafficking and also providing residential services to street children, children rescued from trafficked parents and children from bad economic background. And ASMAN( Association of St. Mary’s Alumnae Nepal)  was the helping hand that supported Winter Warmth committee with 100 packets of relief materials with each packet consisting of 1 jacket, 1 pair of socks, 1 scarf, 1 cap, 2 copies ,1 eraser and 1 sharpner.

On 5th of January,the team of winter warmth left for Pokhara at 7:00 am and reached Pokhara at 3.00 p.m. After settling down there, the team had an informal meeting with the representative of Three Angels, Mr.SumanLimbu. The next day, the team left for distribution at three angel’s office located at NayaGaun, Pokhara and the distribution of winter clothes were done. After the distribution, the committee members visited the organization and talked aboutthe works being done by the organization. Followed by this, the winter warmth committee departed from the organization and went for sight-seeing of Pokhara.

Birgunj Distribution

The winter warmth committee departed for Birgunj from Pokhara early morning on 7th of January and reached there after a very long and hectic journey. After reaching Birgunj, the winter warmth committee had a formal dinner with Rotaract Club OfBirgunj Metropolis who were the main sponsors for the distribution and the briefing about Winter Warmth were done by the committee members.

The following day, the committee members in collaboration with Rotary Club Of Birgunj started distribution program from Balmandir Kendra where relief materials were given to 10 children. Followed by that, the team reached YateemKhana and relief packages were given to 22 children there. After that, the team reached to Sitapur and packages were given to 18 children there and the distribution was done for the day.

The winter warmth committee was very happy when the personnel from Rotaract Club OfBirgunj Metropolis decided to provide us with 20 more packets of clothes and the committee had to extend one more day of stay and the distribution took place in Parwanipur, Birgunj. Followed by this, the committee had media interaction program regarding winter warmth and it’s background and objectives. It was a very good experience in total.

The team left to Kathmandu on 10th January.

Kathmandu Distribution

Kathmandu Distribution was done on 15th January where 150 warm jackets were distributed to street children who were getting shelters in several organizations and the distribution process was held on Action Love Nepal, Dholahity, Lalitpur and this organization was also a shelter home for street children and orphans from different parts of the country. The representatives of seven different organization were gathered there with several children and the committee members handed over jackets to the presented children and then to the representatives of each organization depending upon the size of the jacket and requirement of the organization.

Nepal is also taking part in Street Children’s World Cup 2018 that is going to be held in Russia this year and Winter Warmth committee was lucky to have met the team of children rescued from street, then now a part of football team that is going to be taking part in world cup which in itself is a very great achievement. And the jackets provided by winter warmth committee were also provided to the whole football team as abasic kit to be worn by them during their international visit.

The beneficiary organizations were Khusi Nepal, Shangri-La Orphanage, Action Love Nepal, Nepal Balmandir, Shelter Home Nepal.

Final Remarks

The winter warmth distribution was full of exciting moments and memories that we could cherish for ever. The smile as seen on the face of those children were the fuel that fired our motivation to do such action to help them and the whole team was very excited to be a part of something that dealt with giving and doing more of helping the children in need.


Programs by Bachelor’s in Social Work

Project Nationality (9th October 2015)

Nationality aimed at sharing the feeling of pride among every Nepali for being the citizen of the country where everyone is equal despite of belonging to different culture, religion, and ethnicity. The program enlisted a series of campaign which prioritized in developing the feeling of patriotism and brotherhood. The program focused on overall development of nation and promoting the concept of self-dependent and unity in diversity, which is the tradition and originality of the nation.

As a part of activities done under Nationality included a large human chain from Thapathali to Babbarmahal Via Matighar, with a lot of Nationality slogans. After about an hour in the street raising awareness, everyone gathered in Maitighar Mandala where a Nepali National flag was hosted and a map of Nepal was demonstrated. The program ended with a musical performance of a patriotic song.

Project Hope International Film Festival (10th October, 2015)

“Project Hope International Film Festival 2015 ” Featured 7 Short movies of maximum 8 minutes, containing theme of this year’s International Day For Disaster Risk Reduction i.e. ” Knowledge For Life “, were  prepared by the youth. Real life experience and creative ideas were promoted. The target group themselves tailored awareness for themselves and people of their age group, which will obviously be more effective. Besides, it will help to light out hidden issues in the different society which can be helpful in future awareness campaign.

Participating Movies:

  1. Alpabiram   ( Winner )
  2. Ullen`s School ( Runner up )
  3. Shree
  4. Barha
  5. Pralobhan
  6. Ullen`s School
  7. Anushruti Adhikari

Judges :

Nischal Basnet , Actor/
Director  , Nepali Movies ( loot , Kabbaddi , Chadke)

Gaurav Pahari , Actor ( Manjari ,
Hostel ) 

Awards and Recognition: 500 USD for the winning Director and 300 USD for runner up.

The Xavier’s day this year was celebrated in a quite a different way. All the four different classes had that own different way of conducting social service activities all of which in one way or the other contributed to the society.

I year

This day the students of BSW 1st year organized blood donation program in Red Cross society, Bhaktapur. The ongoing earthquake and blockade displayed the need of blood in the hospitals, and donating blood in Red Cross society was the best way to contribute. Students of first year also donated some blood. The blood was donated to the Red Cross Society itself which would provide the bloods to the needed people in
the hospitals or people in need.

II Year

On the contrary to usual Xavier’s Day celebration, BSW 2nd year students organized a fund raising program at Bouddha. Gift shop, face painting, smile for a cause, polish for a cause, tea stalls and street performance were the major highlights of the program. Residential children of The Care Home, Dhapakhel were gifted warm clothes for winter along with stationery items from the collected amount.

III Year

With the coincidence of two remarkable days, Xavier’s Day celebration and National Disability Day; BSW 3rd year students went to Nepal Orthopedic Hospital, Jorpati as to bring them out from their daily routine and create a happy environment for people with disability. During the event, students organized fun game like breaking the
pot; informal programs were conducted like drama, dance, prize distribution and in house performances as well. Similarly, blood donation program was also carried out on the other side. BSW 3rd year was able to bring smile on everyone’s face

IV Year

BSW batch 2012-2016 went to Chepang Community of Jogimara VDC,Dhading for a 3 days camp with activities that encouraged community participation. 4th year batch organized a mini sports day in a local school “Shree Jalakanya Primary School” with 70 Chepang students. Besides this, a Focused Group Discussion was conducted among the community people to improve and motivate student’s attendance in the school. Another major activity done was painting. Team painted the community center built by an organization “Sangsangai” in colloboratin with the local school. The camp was more effective and even the students learnt about the lifestyle of Chepang Community.

Winter Warmth   (6th December, 2015)

The event is a grass-root level initiation taken for the betterment of the street-living children of Kathmandu valley. In regard to this issue, St. Xavier’s College organized a charitable event to raise fund in order to support those children 60+ who are completely leading street life with some warm clothes. With this event, we hope to bring small yet remarkable change in the life of those kids.

“Winter Warmth” Charity
event was successful to reach children who are completely living their life on streets. Fund was raised from the event which held from 6th-7th December in St. Xavier’s college. Warm jackets were distributed to children from different areas such as Buddha, Chahbil, Pashupati, Newroad, Basantapur, Gongagbu, Purano bus park, Patan. Also, tea and biscuits were provided to children in the day of our visit.

Social Work Symposium (8th March – 17th March 2015)

Social Work Symposium was a program organized by the department of Social Work, St. Xavier’s College, Maitighar in collaboration with North-South-South, HOPE Project of Finland. The day was celebrated to mark the International Social Work Day, on 17th of March, 2015, with the theme “To Promote the dignity and worth of people. A week long symposium included different programs to promote the dignity and worth of people.  The symposium was the very first event of its kind in Nepal with an aim to foster social work education and practice in Nepal. The event comprised following activities.

Seminar on “Acquiring the citizenship from mother’s name”

The Opening of symposium started with a seminar on “Acquiring the citizenship from mother’s name”- by Advocate Mr. Subin Mulmi. There is no provision of acquiring a citizenship from the mother’s name in Nepal, except some special cases even which is a very arduous task. This program gave an insight on the present situation of the people who were denied the right to their identity. It was an important issue, which was a challenge to be overcome in the future, for aspiring social workers who attended the program.

Up for Buzz

Up for Buzz was the Quiz Contest designed to test the intellectual abilities of the students on social issues. It explored the necessity for the social work students to have a quick know-how of the contemporary social work issue. Each college had one team with “3 members” for the preliminary rounds. Date was scheduled for 12th March and 15th March, 2015. On 12th preliminary rounds were held and finale was held on15th.

Extempore/Speech Competition

The participants picked out from the cheats where they were given a topic to be deal with. Topics were based upon the theme itself. But, the preparation time was given. Since, it was an impromptu speech competition; participants were judged on the promptness, strong analysis and body language. 2 participants from each participated. The competition was held on 15th March, 2015.

Think in ink

Think in ink was an Essay writing competition. It was designed to have a short know how on how well we know about ongoing social issues being a part of Society. Participants writing were judged on the basis of its exploration. Two participants represented their college. Each of them were expected to ink in their views within 500 words within the given time frame. This event was held on 15th march, 2015.

Collage making Competition

Collage making competition explored the creative output of participants. Participants were provided with the topic, necessary kits required to prepare a collage. Topic for collage making was ‘Social Justice’ and was based on the theme of International Social workday.  4 members from each college teamed up to participate. After the collage was completed, participants were given two minutes to explain their art piece to judges. This competition was scheduled for 15th March, 2015.

Remains from the Lens

Aspiring photographers from each college teamed up into two and share their stories through their photographs. All the photographs associated the idea with the international Social Work day theme ‘Promoting dignity and worth of people.’ Submitted photographs were exhibited on 17th March 2015, the closing ceremony of social work symposium.

Project AVENUE

Project Avenue was the innovative social project presentation. 3 members are from each college had prepared an innovative social project of their own or already an implemented project dedicated towards social transformation. After the end of their presentation they faced the defence for their social projects from our judges. ‘Ma swadesi’ a club of St. Xavier’s college won the project and were rewarded Rs.10000 for their idea of creating a low budget library at rural villages of Nepal.

Fast Track

Project Fast track was an adventurous treasure hunt event incorporating social work knowledge. This was the Team Building exercise and all the students enjoyed and learnt the most.  Each team had Five people from each college who participated.

Flash Mob, Street Drama and Cultural Program

On the evening of 13th we organized a flash mob at Basantapur Durbar Square. It was an immense pleasure to see the overwhelming audience’s response. The flash mob incorporated the recent acid attack which had occurred in the same place and an awareness and cultural programs.

  1. Social Works Day 2016
  2. Badge Distribution (15th March 2016)

On social workers day this year, social work department completes 20 years of academic social work in Nepal. Realizing the essence of social work and its failure to be licensed as a profession, the theme of this year’s social work day was termed as “Promoting Professional Social Work in Nepal”. In the same occasion a social work badge was also distributed amongst the students and the faculty of Social Work.
Similarly a semester long program was also inaugurated this very day.

Children’s Summer Camp (7th, 8th, and 9th April 2016)

Children’s Summer Camp is a part of celebration of Social Work Day “Semester Celebration”, where around 150 students from a government schools and three different agencies were brought inside St. Xavier’s College and a whole day fun-learn activities were performed. The group was divided into half for each day (7th and 8th) and was further divided into juniors, semi-juniors and seniors to perform activities as per their interest. The children enjoyed a lot while they were playing games, having fun, eating and at the same time learning a lot! This program ended on 9th April with a grand closing ceremony where Wilson Bikram Rai (chief guest) made the program even more special with his comedy show.

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