Code of Conduct, Shared Values and Principles

Code of Conduct, Shared Values and Principles

St. Xavier’s College with its motto “Dedicated to Excellence, Leadership and Service” aims to form men and women of deep faith in God and tireless commitment to their nation; men and women who are academically excellent, morally upright as leaders of their country and compassionately committed in service of those in need.

Propelled by this vision, we at St. Xavier’s College strive to create an environment that fosters intellectual exploration, growth in moral values and respect for self, others, the nation and God. Such an atmosphere has been the greatest strength of the College and we have been able to achieve that because of the consistent practice of the Code of Conduct, Shared Values and Principles that are listed below. All Xavierians adhere to them without exception. We hope that you too will commit yourself to upholding this Code of Conduct, Shared Values and Principles of St. Xavier’s College.

1. Punctuality and Attendance:

1.1 All students present themselves in the class room/ laboratory/conference room/hall five minutes before the start of the class/lecture/practicals/programs.

1.2 For students of Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs, 80% attendance is mandatory to write the internal send-up examinations and semester/annual university exams.  #

1.3 For the students of Plus Two and A Level programs, the mandatory attendance is 90% to write the internal send-up examinations and annual Board exams.  #

1.4 Absences from classes/lectures/practicals on account of personal reasons will have to be explained in writing with a sign of approval from parents/guardians. In case of medical reasons, a genuine medical certificate will have to be attached with the application letter.

1.5 Absences from classes/lectures/practicals on account of participating in intra-/inter- College activities as a representative of the college will have to be referred by the Dean/HOD to the Principal/ Vice-Principal who sanctions leaves in such cases.

1.6 No student is absent on the last day before any long holiday and on the first day after a long holiday. Issue your travel tickets keeping this in mind.

1.7 A student may be asked to take re-admission if absent for more than 3 days without prior permission.

2. Discipline and Conduct


# A failure in this regard reflects the irresponsible character of a student and it is the responsibility of the college to reflect this in the student’s Character Certificate.

2.1 All the students are accountable to the Principal and the assigned administrators for their conduct within the College and any conduct outside of the College that directly/indirectly affects the reputation of the College.

2.2 Students are expected to conduct themselves in a decorous manner within and outside the College. Such conduct is based on respect for the freedom, rights, believes and dignity of other persons. No student shall behave in a disrespectful and discourteous manner with the teachers, staff and fellow students of the College.

2.3 Students found harassing/ragging other students, employing unfair means in tests/examinations and exhibiting behavior that is socially unacceptable will be rusticated.

2.4 Defiling college property (walls, desks, chairs, books, equipment will result in disciplinary action against the student/s involved. In addition, the student/s involved will make good on the damage caused.  #

2.5 Students found possessing and/or using alcohol, tobacco, drugs, cigarettes are dismissed from the college with immediate effect.

2.6 Usage of mobile phones is prohibited in the College and so they must be switched off before entering the college premises. Students found using a mobile phone will have their phones confiscated and will accrue a fine of Rs. 2000/- which has to be cleared within three days.

2.7 Food and drink are not permitted in any part of the College except the CAFETERIA.

2.8 St. Xavier’s College is a chewing gum free zone and a poly bags free zone.

2.9 Students are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the College campus by not littering the campus. Make use of the dustbins to keep the classrooms, corridors and premises clean and healthy.

2.10 Students are expected to take care of their belongings. The college is not responsible for loss of personal possessions.

3. Dress-code and ID Cards

3.1 Students are expected to dress modestly. Short pants, miniskirts, sleeveless shirts/t-shirts, track suits, and plunging neck-lines are prohibited. Students who do not comply by the decorum of the college in this matter are asked to return home and change their dress.

3.2 Students should have neat and tidy haircuts. Using hair color is prohibited. Students are asked to go home and come back to college only after removing the hair color.

3.3 A student who displays body tattoos will not be admitted inside the college.

3.4 It is mandatory that the students carry on them their ID cards at all times. The ID card is to be shown at the gate for permission to enter the College campus.


# A failure in this regard reflects the irresponsible character of a student and it is the responsibility of the college to reflect this in the student’s Character Certificate.

3.5 The ID card is to be used for purposes such as borrowing books from the library, and using laboratory and sports equipment, to get the keys to Watrin Hall and so on.

4. Notices, Assignments and Examinations

4.1 Class schedules, information/details pertaining to activities/events/examinations and any changes in the Academic Planner are put up on the notice boards on campus. Students are also expected to check the college website: .

4.2 For the latest changes/updates/news regarding the college, every student must make use of the Telephone Notice Board by dialing: 1618014221365.

4.3 Failure to submit the required number of assignments and/or unjustified absences from exams, tutorials, practicals, etc., will result in warnings being given to the student. *

4.4 Students who consistently perform poorly in assessments and subsequent term examinations may not be permitted to appear for the University/Board examinations.

4.5 Attendance for all examinations, assessments, tests and tutorials is mandatory. No student should absent him/herself from the assessments or term/semester examinations, without the written permission of the Principal. In no case can missed examinations be retaken. #

5. Vehicles

5.1 Students are highly encouraged to walk or to use bicycle/public transport to commute. Bicycles/scooters/motorcycles of the students should be parked in the designated parking area. No vehicle will be permitted to enter the college gate after the second bell. Plus Two and A Level students are not permitted to bring motorbikes to the college.

6. Parents’ Meet

6.1 A common Teacher-Parents’ Meet will be conducted at least twice a year for the Plus Two and A Level students and at least once a year for the Undergraduate and Postgraduate students. It is mandatory for at least one of the parents to be present at these meets.

6.2 Parents can meet individual faculty during working days with an appointment made through the reception or the HOD/Dean.


* If after repeated warnings, the student fails to conform to the stipulated requirements, the student may be rusticated.

# A failure in this regard reflects the irresponsible character of a student and it is the responsibility of the college to reflect this in the student’s Character Certificate.

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