Characteristics of Jesuit Education

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Characteristics of Jesuit Education

1.         ACADEMICS:

resolutely acquiring knowledge and skill of every kind.


holistically growing in the totality of one’s body, mind and spirit.

3.         INTEGRITY:

patiently increasing human virtues of honesty, peace, joy and forgiveness.

4.         SPIRITUALITY:

gratefully practising one’s faith and respecting the faith of the others.

5.         JUSTICE:

courageously opting for the poor with a stand against unjust situations.

6.         LEADERSHIP:

consistently committing oneself to be a person for others.

7.         EXCELLENCE:

creatively striving to do more and achieve greater things (magis/more)


cheerfully helping to work in groups/teams with genuine fellowship.

9.         RENEWAL:

realistically rejuvenating oneself in the pursuit of a balanced life.

10.       COMMITMENT:

humbly proving oneself to be a person of competence, conscience, compassion and commitment.

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