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Theme of the Academic Year 2020

Theme of the Academic Year 2020

Dear Xavierians!

As we explore, reflect and assimilate the theme of the year- interconnectedness, allow me to call your attention to a grave crisis that has deepened during the COVID-19 pandemic. Perhaps this story might help us to understand the theme of the year better.

Once, Mr. Moron was sailing with a group. As they sailed on he began to carve a hole on the boat to entertain himself with water gushing high like a fountain through the small hole he carved. The co-sailors were shocked to see his insanity and asked why he was being so reckless, endangering the life of all. They asked him if he knew that the boat would slowly sink. Moron snubbed them saying, “it’s a small hole after all and it’s on my spot. What does it matter to you”?

It matters because all of us on this planet are co-travellers in the same boat. Undiscerned actions of one person or a country affect all the co-travellers on this planet. The spread of the corona virus, climate change in the world, displacement due to war are to name a few.

On the other hand, the goodness of humanity does not seem to spread as fast and vast as the evil in this global village. A recent report of WHO estimates that almost 690 million people went hungry in 2019 which is 10 million higher than 2018. Needless to mention the current pandemic has added many more to the existing figure. It is loud and clear that hunger is a pressing humanitarian crisis today and as Xavierians this cannot escape our eyes!

The first step to understand the heaviness of hunger at the core level of a person is to feel the pain of the hungry. Take time to listen to their stories and witness the reality of their life. Then we may be moved to do the little we can to feed the hungry in our own surroundings. As St. Xavier’s College family let us begin with baby steps in addressing hunger around us!

I urge all Xavierians, alumni, parents, and friends of SXC to do all that we can as individuals and as groups to reach out to the hungry! Miss no chance to feed a hungry person and to be compassionate! Let no food ever be wasted!

Fr. Augustine Thomas, S.J.
16 November 2020

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