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Admission open for MSc Physics and Microbio Dec 2018

Admission open forMBS Dec 2018 1

The Principal Speaks...

Father Jiju

Welcome to St. Xavier’s College Family!

This year, we are CELEBRATing 30 years of our serving the nation by providing quality education to generations of students. While we CELEBRATE that legacy, we do not want to merely glory in the past and be content with the status quo. We rather want to REINVENT ourselves in order to improve that legacy for future generations. We would like to consider this as an opportunity to introspect and see how we can be more effective in all that we do in the future.

The need to REINVENT is ever greater since our country is at a crossroads currently and has undergone historical changes in recent years. At this crucial juncture, all of us are called for greater involvement in nation building. It is the responsibility of each one of us to answer that clarion call by reinventing ourselves so that our contribution is more constructive towards the development of our nation.

Heraclitus said in 500 B.C.E that change is the only permanent thing. As a consequence, “to change is to live… to live is to change and not to change is to die” (T. Williams). For me REINVENTing is a conscious change whereby we not only realize the need to transform but also ensure that it takes place on a foundation that was laid in the past. Moreover, such a change is not for the sake of change but with a purpose. At St. Xavier’s, our purpose is to transform everyone in the Xavierian family into better human beings and citizens in order to contribute to nation building in a more profound way. It would also mean that as individuals and as an institution we make efforts to bring out the best version of ourselves. Further it is also an invitation to go beyond what is familiar and safe and thereby explore the endless possibilities that exist.

Enhancing the Jesuit tradition of almost five centuries, we want to ensure that at our college we continue to form men and women for and with others, who pursue excellence, leadership and service in all that they do and thus become genuine citizens of our great nation. Our curricular and co-curricular activities are aimed at enabling our students to discover the best version of themselves. Likewise, we inculcate in them values that will empower them to be academically excellent, morally upright, socially and environmentally responsible, emotionally healthy and spiritually wise.

We are blessed with a team of dedicated faculty and staff who continue to grow in the spirit of Jesuit education and work towards one’s own transformation. This transformation of the self is then passed on to the students to enable them to become better human beings. Through our person-centered approach to education and working collaboratively, our faculty and staff accompany our students to unleash their potential and become persons who can make a positive difference in the lives of others and in the country.

Here I feel blessed to welcome all those who wish to be a part of such a great legacy and reinvent themselves for nation building.


Fr. Jiju Varghese, S.J.
01, June, 2017